The history of Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited (APL) is more than 100 years ago. It was founded in 1907 with the goal to revolutionize and develop this Pharmaceutical and Drug industry in the Indian subcontinent. Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited today is one of the most prominent Pharmaceutical companies operating in India.

The publicly-traded company that makes and sells generic pharmaceutical products around the world has grown leaps and bounds during the past century.

With a strong focus on technology and innovation, APL has created an advanced research facility that includes the Alembic Research Centre (ARC)-including formulation research, as well as 150-bed bioequivalence facilities in Vadodara, Gujarat. In addition, APL has recently invested in an ultra-modern R&D center in Hyderabad. APL is among the top companies in the field to have invested around 11% of their revenue in R&D.

To grow the business APL has invested in the international generics market and has had success with ANDA along with DMF filings. APL has filed filings for Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa & Brazil. APL caters to global markets by selling branded formulations.

The company’s goal is to discover opportunities in therapeutic fields like Dermatology, Oncology, and Injectable formulations. APL also has co-developed an organization that is focused on developing and implementing innovative small-molecule medicines which target signal transduction networks and Ion Channels for the treatment of inflammation, cancer as well as autoimmune and metabolic disorders.

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Over a century ago under the direction and encouragement of His Majesty Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad, a great business-minded mind together with two brilliant minds of Chemistry created Alembic Chemical Works Company Limited. It was Professor. T.K. Gajjar the very first famous chemical scientist in Western India, Prof. Kotibhaskar the gold medalist in Technological Chemistry as well as Rajmitra the late Mr. B. D. Amin The man who had unrivaled business acumen and ability to manage.

In 1907, the year that Alembic Chemical Works was formed 1907, Professor. Kotibhaskar took the charge of being the Director in Chief and Professor. T. K. Gajjar was the main advisor. Between the two minds of chemical engineering Dr. B. D. Amin was the chief of affairs for the company and through his determination and determination, he established the foundation for the century-old company.

When it was first established, Alembic Chemical Works Company Limited was one of the unique ventures in India. The distillation of spirits through modern methods and the use of spirits in the production of pharmaceutical products were actually considered the first ideas of India at the beginning of the century. Since the beginning, research in science is at the forefront of the activities at Alembic. Rajmitra B. D. Amin was one among the founders who founded Alembic was able to lead it through financial strains and stress as well as other difficulties that plague the business. He was blessed with excellent industry knowledge, insight, and insight.

Through his shrewdness and meticulous work, he helped to make it an incredibly successful, forward-looking business in India. Throughout his entire life, He was a tireless advocate for scientific research as well as his country’s Indian drug industry. The first promoters for the business were followed by those who cherished the vision as an inheritance. Over the past 100 years, under the wisdom of these sharp managers, Alembic has come to a great distance and grown throughout the inequity from its time in the British Raj, through two World Wars, birth pangs of post-independence and The License Raj and further on to globalization and liberalization.


Mr. Chirayu Amin – Chairman & CEO

Mr. Pranav Amin – Managing Director

Mr. Shaunak Amin – Managing Director

Mr. R. K. Baheti – Director – Finance & CFO

Mr. K. G. Ramanathan – Independent Director

Mr. Pranav Parikh – Independent Director

Mr. Paresh Saraiya – Independent Director

Dr. Archana Hingorani – Independent Director


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